After performing at Theater on the Hill three times, Tombstone Wild West Role Play, Demons and Angels – a Vampire Role Play Sim; we focused most of our energy for 2013 to bringing you something so wonderful we slowed down our bookings and created sets, evaluated animations, costumes, even skins and shapes for “For Such a Time as This – The Book of Esther”.

Earlier in November, we closed “For Such a Time as This” for 12 shows, which opened in October. the first two weekends of October.  The grandeur of “For Such a Time as This only proves that Unity as a production company, dance troupe, directing, acting, have grown tremendously since we arrived on the grid in 2010.

We closed 2013 with a holiday show at Charleston Lace Romance in December. While in November we exposed Unity as a sincere dance troupe who has earned her stripes with their show, “Hip-hop to the Classics. Believe me, you’ve never seen Bach like this.

Let’s get to work…

Unity will make a grand entrance into 2014 with original works by Pet Karu and other cast members. We start our season with a bang re-presenting of all our shows to date. So, if you missed a show in the past, here’s your chance. That also means, one show per weekend for 12 weeks straight. We will conclude this marathon with the premier of “The Thorn in my side…” at our home stage. Keep an eye on notices so you know which show are present on which dates.

As our usual fair, we will bring you something fresh, challenging,thought provoking and we hope inspires you to seek your the kingdom of God.


Welcome to Genesthai Home of Unity Productions

First off, let me tell you  what we’re all about and what you might see at this site.  Genesthai is an old Greek term which loosely translates to “be transformed”.  You will find it used in the book of Romans of the Judeo-Christian Bible. The verse referenced is chapter 12, verse 2 which reads, “Be ye not conformed to this world, but BE YE TRANSFORMED by the renewing of your mind. So that you may prove that good and acceptable will of God”.  And “transformation” is what Unity Productions is all about!

We are not your cookie cutter brand of Christians.  We are “co-laborers with Christ and joint-heirs” to the promises of God.  It was one told to me, “I’d rather see a sermon than to hear one”.  Well visit us at SecondLife.com to see the bible stories, live and in living color.  Unity Productions presents Biblical Stories as depicted in costume with in Broadway style.

We have been doing this since 2010 with our first production, “Come Away My Beloved” as the Song of Solomon was adapted to a musical.  To our credit, we have also accumulated over 11 major shows and about 15 minor ones.  We have been nominated for the Avi-Choice Awards for the Best in Entertainment Category 2011 (SL’s comparable to The People’s Choice Awards) and we received the Dance Queens Cutie Award for 2012, for the Best in Historical Dance for our play, “The Prisoner: The Man in the Dark (the story of the life of John the Baptist).

In closing, visit us at http://www.secondlife.com/ on the web.  Who knows, maybe you two will become TRANSFORMED by Unity!  “Behold how good and how pleasant when brethren dwell together in unity” (Psalm 133:1)