Some Say… But is that your final answer? Does it have to be? You dont have to agree!

Some of you out there might have gone through enough mess already this year to throw in the towel. But I’ve come to encourage you to hang in there. The rain don’t last always. I’m here to remind you that this too shall pass. I’m here to tell you that your steps are ordered. Ya see, God knows exactly what you need to press the junk out of you that you have been holding onto.

Yes we can hold on to things that we consider good, but we hold on to them to affirm our egos, our place in the universe and our self-created images of ourselves. There are some roles we even continue to play-act that no longer serve us, they have outlived their usefulness.

Ha, some of have even to sit down and stop moving along our life’s journey because we are too afraid that the next step might be a place of success. Imagine that, being afraid of being secure, children behavior improving, sales increasing for our businesses, learning lessons with ease when we leave the crowd behind and act in our purpose, the reality of having enough and more than enough (so we can share it).

Are you ready to answer the call. Oh there is a definite wake up call bouncing off the four walls of your homes and car and work places and schools. Don’t fret, that call is persistence so just answer it. Just say “yes” or “no” whichever one is appropriate.

Oh I see, you might be worried about the voice you’re following, huh? Let me clue in on a secret my sista-friend taught me. “If you really belief that the direction “THE VOICE” is leading you, is God, then there will be grace provided for you to continue on your journey. If you believe its God and it isn’t, then God’s grace will cover you and lead you into safety.”

One thing for sure, you will be lead to a place in your life, heart and mind that will free you of all that would defile love being perfectly formed in you. Plain and simple! Each incident is to press, prod, pull, push, even plunder vain imaginations we have about ourselves which act as breeding grounds for pride, guilt, separation, grandiosity, and the ever popular FEAR! Our egos is a terrible and nasty scrapper. If you want to ever find out just how diligent EGO can be in maintaining its kingship, justtry to dislodge it from the throne it has set up in the heart.

That might sound like EGO is too strong to even bother with. Why rock the boat, right? We’ve always gotten by, right? Listen to those thoughts which mask themselves as reason and logic. They are the whisperings of the EGO in your own voice and telling you that you will never make it. But why would you set yourself up for failure? Why would you ever allow yourself to be kept in bondage? As long as the ego is enthroned, there is no freedom. The freedom that was promised to us when we know the truth! What is the truth?

God delights in us. God watches over us like a hen brooding over her chicks. God is love; not just a lover. Not just loving. God is love! We are fashioned in the image of LOVE! So yeah, our steps are ordered to walk in Love, to lead us into Love, by Love with Love for Love. Got it?

Let’s look at this “love, loving, lover” you might be surprised…

You don’t have to walk in shame, guilt or condemnation. Nor do you have to be lead by Ego any longer. The Master is waiting for you to take the freedom that is YOURS and yours alone. Instead, be love, Beloved. Shalom.

[[ LOVE suffers long, and is kind; LOVE is never envious, nor does LOVE boast about itself, is not puffed up,
LOVE does not behave unseemly, nor does LOVE seek its own way, LOVE is not easily provoked, nor can LOVE think evil;
LOVE cannot rejoice in iniquity, but rejoices in the truth.
LOVE… bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things and endures all things.

LOVE never fails, but when there is prophecies (the voice of ego telling us what cannot be, what we can’t endure, we just can’t hold on to a moment longer, peace and joy can never be ours), THEY SHALL FAIL; and when there is tongues (condemnations, ridicule, slander, accusations from the ego), they shall cease; also when there is knowledge (the memory echo stamped on our minds and hearts about how things have always been), it shall vanish away.

For we know in part, and we prophesy in part.
But when that which is perfect LOVE comes, then that which is in part shall be done away.]]

This is the reason why it is so easy for us to listen to dooming and damning voice of EGO, because we forget that time is an illusion. This arbitrary construct that is used to chronicle the past regrets and to diminish hope with doubts and fears about the future. With forward projections of doom and the looming anguish of the past we never fully enter into THIS MOMENT; which is the only place love dwells. NOW faith is… God dwells in NOW. The Eternal Now!

So give that dark cloud following you around telling you that you will never be good enough, the royal wave. Tell the naysays to kiss off. When your doubts yell at you, yell back…. “I doubt that, Doubt”.

Live free. Love always and all ways. Peace.

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