Welcome to Genesthai!

This site is for Unity Production updates from Second Life, Fearless Lovers blogs and Life-coaching (biblical counseling).

We hope you come by frequently to get updates on our shows in the virtual space of http://www.secondlife.com/

Now, about the site, you’ll find prayers, youtube links, sermons, podcasts, as well as information about Unity Shows.  You are invited to read the blogs, listen to the prayers, watch the trailers.  So, sit back, relax and get you’re pop corn!


Unity Productions

Unity Productions


The Cast & Members

Pet Karu (avatar of Maria Brown)  Founder of Unity Productions, Director, Producer, Choreographer, Visionary

Lukes Lionheart (avatar of Jim Pennington) Founding member, Director, Film maker extraordinnairre, DJ, Founder of The Roc Foundation

Levi Soulstar Founding member, Amor bearer

Jewel Lordhunter Founding member, Amor bearer, Psalmist

Shon Charisma Founding member, Director of Prisoner, Psalmist, DJ

Guy guy Lemon Founding member, Prayer warrior

Ewan Glenelg, Founding member, DJ

PsyLynn Quarts, Founding member, DJ, Waredrobe

Lilly Latrell, waredrobe

Divine Resident

Others who have donated their time or talent to Unity’s performances:

Sharon, Marcus, Spank, Ruby, Sasha, Eukaria, Geodit, Peace, Blan , Tivi, Jovi

Maya,  Peter,  Gem, Pinky, Naeico, Cookie, Rob, Laurie, Sam-Thaddeus, Lucus

Lucus B., Jamie, Millard, Lilith, Jimmi, Jeffery, Lil, Ryker, Adrian, Nora, Michael



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