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So what’s up with UP? You aint gonna believe this but…
Award Nominations
Unity Production, Avi-Choice Award Nominee for 2012 in the category of Best Entertainment!

Unity Productions nominated for the Cutie Awards by Dance Queens 2013:
Category(ies) nominated for:
— Best in Historic Dance
— Best Set Design for a Production Show (multiple songs) (for Prisoner)
— Best Costumes for a Production Show (for Prisoner)
— Best Show Theatre in SL (for Unity Productions)
— Best Script (for Shaken Into Peace) (with Shon Charisma – Unity Member)
— SL Show of the Year (for Shaken Into Peace) (with Shon Charisma-Unity Member)

Unity Productions received the “Best in Historic Dance” for 2012 from Dance Queens for their performance, “Prisoner – The Man in the Dark” in February 2013.

We have appeared and performed on Metaverse Broadcasting Company (SL-television) 4 times since we started, twice on Nightfire Entertainment TV.  We have been interviewed by ICON Magazine (6 times), Scruplz Magazine, Peoplez Magazine, Second Life Enquirer and numerous others.

Unity has invade Real Life Spaces, by filming their stage production, “The Prisoner” and showing the play as a full-length movie in Mariemont Cinema, in Mariemont, Ohio during July 2012.  The audience, most were unfamiliar with Second Life were awestruc. They are also begging for more – so more is what we will bring them in 2014.

Another area which leaves us slack jaw is that our own churches have accepted our work from the “electronic pulpit”, as we raise our talents and giftings to deliver God’s message.

You may notice a large gap in 2013 where we appear to be doing nothing – not so!  We want to make sure to only bring you our best. Expect more Youtubes in 2014 as we have perfected all of our sets for filming all of our work.

We are humbled that we have been so well received and we turn back all praise and glory to God.


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