Movie – For time such as these (performed Fall 2013, filmed complete 2015

Filming The book of Esther!

Unity Productions and The Roc Foundation work together to bring this project to fruition.  With Pet Karu (avatar of Maria Brown) as the Producer, of Unity Productions and Lukes Lionheart (avatar of Jim Pennington) as the Director, of The Roc Foundation this labor of love was complete after two years.

For Times Such as These was filmed entirely in  Lukes Lionhearted (avatar of Jim Pennington) filmed and edited the project. He designed the set.  Filmed on location at The Roc Foundation simulator in Dreamworld Pirate.

Lilly Latrell designed a large portion of the wardrobe.

The narration and voice tracks come from open-source

Enjoy the trailer…

For your copy of the full-length movie, contact Pet Karu or Lukes Lionheart in

The Cast

Lily Latrell was casted in the role of Esther.

Lukes Lionhearted (avatar of Jim Pennington) was casted as King Xerxes

Pet Karu (avatar of Maria Brown) portrayed Haman

Brodie was casted as Moredaci

Levi Soulstar (avatar name) was Vaschi, Esther’s eunich, and various harem girls.

Divine Resident (avatar name) was a palace guard, harem girls and Esther’s handmaiden.

Foxy Restless as King Xerxes eunuch, Haggai

Spice Mocha (avatar of Maria Brown) was Memnochan, various guards, Haman’s son

Immedar Freddrickson was Haman’s son, palace scribe, and harem girl.

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  1. The movie “For Times Such as These” opens in Cincinnati Ohio at the Parkland Theater on December 12th at 1 PM.

    The YouTube link for the movie trailer

    Thank you TRF Ministries Film and Unity Productions casts. This is surely our greatest accomplishment thus far.

    I am honored to know and work with you.


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