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The Power of Grace https://youtu.be/ksR1IGYeJOg I woke up this morning with this song by Snap on my mind, “I got the power”.   It was consuming! I jumped out of bed and danced to the bathroom.  I swayed while taking my blood sugar, insulin, and various medications to keep this Earth-suit operational.  I danced up the street to let my dog relieve herself. I sang off-key, while making my breakfast.  Before speaking to another soul, I had to find the YouTube to let this burst of energy play itself out.  It was only then that I discovered what all this POWER was for.  Let me share it with you here. We have all face those impossible mountains that we had no choice but to climb.  We have all faced the long desolate valley floor that we must somehow cross during our journey.  These apparent obstacles, perils and roadblocks in life are there for a reason.  We do not grow when things are going swell.  We grow as our metal is tested, our faith is stretched, and our belief- system is turned over and knocked on its butt with yet another level of revealed truth.  Our comfort zones become uncomfortable and our paradigms shift into the unknown.  This is where growth comes from.  There is nothing cozy about it. These are realisms of life.  We all have been there.  We survive some experiences with ease and others we need that faith and grace to move those mountains or look for the lily in the valley in order to take another step. So, to us I say, be encouraged, there is a promised power that will help us on this journey. Once we become spiritually awakened, we have power by the grace of the Mystery that we call God, to accomplish the impossible. For those of us (myself included) living under the tyranny of
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