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Fearless Lovers’ Blog

Fearless Lovers is a group I started in 2008.  The group members have redefined “LOVE”.  It is not something we are afraid to give or receive.  It is not always warm and fuzzy, but in your face truth! We believe that love is not an adjective but a verb!  It sparks one into action.  It protects the feeble, it rights all wrongs, it doesn’t seek its own way, it takes no account of wrongs, it is patient, kind, peaceful, long- suffering, controlled-strength, and self-governing.

Transforming Clay into Vessels of Honor

ISBN 1-60034-235-3 www.xulonpress.com This is not a book for the faint at heat or the squeamish; but for the true ‘roll up your sleeves’ and ‘put off the old man and put on Christ’ Christian.  If you’re tired of business as usual and life as you’ve come to know it, then let’s visit the Kingdom Living alternatives together.  Beware: an encounter with the One called Lion of Judah, Lamb of God, Living Word, and Lover of our souls will change your life.
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