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In April, 2010 five members of Unity met to start production of “Come Away My Beloved” – an musical adaptation of The Song of Solomon.  The show opened in August.  We were unsure if anyone would be interested.  But, at six that evening, the curtain rose and Unity took the stage to a full house.  From there they have added to their credits with performances of: The Creation Story, I Was With Him (the gospel story) The Misfits (modern gospel) The Prisoner in the Dark (the life of John the Baptist; adapted from Gene Edwards book, Prisoner in the Third Cell) For Times Such as These (the book of Esther).
Unity received the Cutie Award Dance Queen’s Award for Best in Historical Dance in 2013 and was nominated for Avi-Choice Award in 2012. Unity has taken the charge to move from the virtual platform to filming their shows and presenting them in movie cinema’s in Cincinnati, Ohio.  The turnout for these special viewings have been tremendous. As stated, we’re still here and will continue the work set before us.  Our numbers rise and fall but our mission remains the same “tell them God loves them”.
Unity utilizes a virtual world as its creative environment. The program Second Life  provides a 3-D world that allows for unlimited expression.  The various actors and actresses who work with Unity come from all across the U.S. and around the world. They take on the form and shape of an avatar to represent their character.  When you watch the video clips found under the Unity tab, realize that behind each character is a real person.
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